The assembled project, before knobs are added.

SparkPunk Project

It has been a while since I built something, so here’s a little project that was a lot of fun, and has opened up some new noise maker territory. Sparkfun is one of the top suppliers of parts and kits for the electronics hobbyist, and while I still prefer Adafruit for most things, Sparkfun has some unique items you won’t find elsewhere. One of them is the SparkPunk Sound Kit. Continue reading

Fricknadorable - image by Mickey Maguire

Fricknadorable Picts by Mickey Maguire July 2014

2/14/14 Valentine's Day performance at King Street Coffee House

Fricknadorable Live Picts by Erin Dietrick


Teensy and Wii Chucks

I’ve been returning to my Arduino projects in the past few weeks, and have been taking a course in Processing (the basis of the Arduino IDE) to help with the programming side of things.

Back at EM2013 , I acquired a Teensy 3.0 micro-controller and two Wii NunChuck controllers (pictured above) courtesy of Gordon Good. It’s a nice collection of gadgets. Gordon asked participants to make a blog post about their Teensy adventures in return for these items, so this is my attempt to get started and make good on that promise.

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