Songwriter Series at Center Street Cafe

The series in on hiatus. Check back in the Fall.

Center Street (Avenue of the Arts) – Bloomsburg

The Center Street Cafe Songwriter Series
(Unless noted all shows are Thu nights 7 pm to 9 pm)

225 Center St, Bloomsburg, PA 

Jan 10, 2013 – Alf Bashore
Jan 24, 2013 – John Huckans
Feb 7, 2013 – Michael Hickey
Mar 7, 2013 – Fricknadorable
Mar 21, 2013 – Bruce Barr
Apr 4, 2013 – John Sweeney
April 18, 2013 – Jim Colbert
May 9, 2013 – Stephen Lee Rich

The Center Street Cafe Songwriter Series is hosted by Jeremy dePrisco and based out of Center Street Cafe (formerly Café Mooset), a small art gallery and sandwich shop in Bloomsburg, PA. Performances feature the tremendous songwriting and musical talent in and around the Bloomsburg Area. Most shows run 7pm to 9pm with light meals available for purchase (panini, soup, chili).

Here are some photos from past events:

Past artists at the old 10th St location included Ed & Kim Rhoades with John Sweeney, Michael Hickey, Alf Bashore II, Bruce Barr, George Potor, Rich Ahearn, and KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner. After relocating to downtown, the format has changed to one solo act per evening.

Info for Artists

(Revised 2/10/13, 5/9/13)

The series in on hiatus while I concentrate on relocating. Check back in the Fall.

Booking: To be featured, please contact host Jeremy dePrisco via this web site. All booking is done electronically. Read below first.

1. The new space is small. Very small. So we’re going to try this as all acoustic, or maybe a (very) small amp. A piano is on site, and it is playable but currently needs to be tuned. Based on past experience, I strongly *discourage* use of drums or large amps in this space.
2. I am helping organize this because a) I believe in local music, and b) I am very close by and can get involved easily. I will host/organize the event, but I am not receiving any monetary compensation for doing so – only dinner on the nights we have acts. This may change depending on the success of the events and the amount of time I must put in doing the organizing, keeping up the calendar, etc.
3. Aside from getting fed, the Thursday nights are not paid gigs for the artists. I have had some discussion with the owners about payment for artists. After all, I am also an artist and would want to be compensated when I perform. However, there is currently no budget for this. If you hear of other (non Thu night) acts being paid, that is strictly between the owners and those artists. I do not get involved. Otherwise, tip jars and CD sales are fine. This may change over time as the cafe gets into a new rhythm.
4. As far as sound goes, there is no PA. There just is not enough room, and it really isn’t needed (though there is some ambient noise).

The new space!

This is not an open mic or a workshop. Other venues in town already have open mic nights, so there seems little point in reinventing that wheel.

Recording: In this age of portable audio recorders, cell phone cameras and he like, we know artists might want to record themselves for use on YouTube or for their personal archives. Artists may record themselves, but not other artists, unless previously discussed. We want to keep an open environment were writers can try out new material without feeling self-conscious about being on camera.

Performer’s view

As a recent Facebook post once noted: There wouldn’t be international music without local music!

Host Jeremy dePrisco (L) and guest John Sweeney (R) playing the Morning Blues. (April 2012)